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ACGG publication retreat 2023

Associated students from JLU and JKI participated in a 3-day retreat in Waldkirchen, in the heart of the Bavarian forest, to wrap up our 2023 ACGG Publication Workshop Series which ran from September until December. During the workshop series, participants got deep insight into the ins and outs of scientific publication, writing and reviewing from expert authors and journal editors in a series of 2-hour sessions every two weeks. In the meantime, all participants also worked on their own manuscript, finally submitting and internally peer-reviewing all manuscripts prior to the final retreat.

During the meeting in Waldkirchen, all authors met with their internal editor and reviewers to discuss their manuscripts in detail and work on fine-tuning all manuscripts priot to submission. As a result, a total of 11 manuscripts are almost finished and expected to be submitted to journals soon. The workshop coordinators, Sarah Schieß-Weidenweber and Rod Snowdon, exchanged materials and ideas with their UQ counterparts Millie Smith and Oewn Powell, who ran a parallel workshop series in Queensland for UQ participants.

Besides a lot of hard work, participants also got a bit of free time at the final retreat to enjoy some Bavarian hspitality and spend some time outdoors in the deep snow that fell in Waldkirchen just before our arrival. We're not sure if that was better than the beaches on Stradbroke Island in Queensland (where the corresponding UQ workshop retreat was held(, but it certainly was a nice way to round up our highly successful 3-month writing activity. Congratuations to all participants for your excellent manuscripts!


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