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Training and events

ACGG aims to provide PhD students at JLU and UQ with cross-disciplinary training to provide a broad understanding of integrated plant breeding methods and technologies spanning practical and theoretical plant breeding, quantitative genetics, crop molecular genetics and genomics, phenomics and data science. Training activities are embedded in real-life breeding programmes for sorghum and faba bean at the partner institutions, giving students hands-on experience in modern plant breeding while contributing to accelerated crop adaptation and improvement.

Participating PhD students are jointly supervised by an interdisciplinary supervision team in Germany and Australia, and their PhD research programme includes opportunities for international lab exchanges and an industrial internship in a breeding company.

  • Special skills classes provided by IRTG scientists

  • Field excursions, practical breeding

  • Career training workshops for future plant breeders

  • Invited guest lecture series

  • Plant breeding seminars (PhD students, postdocs)

  • Practical breeding internships

  • Science retreats, writing retreats and group excursions

  • Diverse career advancement opportunities

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