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Featuring ACGG student authors from JLU, UQ, JKI and HGU


  • Weber S, Roscher-Ehrig L, Kox T, Abbadi A, Werner CR, Stahl A, Snowdon RJ (2024) Genomic prediction in Brassica napus: Evaluating the benefit of imputed whole-genome sequencing data. Genome, accepted

  • Vukasovic S, Eckert AH, Moritz AL, Borsch C, Rudloff S, Snowdon RJ, Stahl A (2024) Effect of a QTL on wheat chromosome 5B associated with enhanced root dry mass on transpiration and nitrogen uptake under contrasting drought scenarios in wheat. BMC Plant Biol 24:83,


  • Weber SE, Chawla HS, Ehrig L, Hickey LT, Frisch M, Snowdon RJ 2023) Accurate prediction of quantitative traits with failed SNP calls in canola and maize. Front Plant Sci 14,

  • Weber SE, Frisch M, Snowdon RJ, Voss-Fels KP (2023) Haplotype blocks for genomic prediction: a comparative evaluation in multiple crop datasets. Front Plant Sci 14,

  • Difabachew YF, Frisch M, Langstroff AL, Stahl A, Wittkop B, Snowdon RJ, Koch M, Kirchhoff M, Cselényi L, Wolf M, Förster J, Weber S, Okoye UJ, Zenke-Philippi C (2023) Genomic prediction with haplotype blocks in wheat. Front Plant Sci 14: 1168547. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2023.1168547

  • Yildiz G, Zanini S, Afsharyan N, Obermeier C, Snowdon R, Golicz A (2023) Benchmarking Oxford Nanopore read alignment-based structural variant detection tools in crop plant genomes. The Plant Genome e20314,

  • Tovignan TK, Basha Y, Windpassinger S, Augustine SM, Snowdon R, Vukasovic  S (2023) Agronomy 13: 722,

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