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Merry Christmas ACGG!

This year's Plant Breeding Christmas Party, organised by a "Gingerbread Gang" of three first-year ACGG PhD students (Lukas Förter, Rica-Hanna Schlichtermann and Luisa Zazzi), was the first time in well over a decade that our end-of-year event took place in-house in the institute. It began with a two-hour long, escape-room styled treasure hunt that demanded the cleverest minds ACGG has to offer and took us to places on campus where many of us had never been before. Trophy and treasure went to "Team Sven" in a controversial photo-finish, but all six teams had a lot of fun (and excercise!) and definitely earned their share of the pizza and refreshments that followed. Overall a great time was had by a record-breaking 50 participants, many of whom celebrated into the early hours of the next morning. Many thanks to the organisers for their great job and to Lennard for leading the entertainment! We wish everyone a relaing and enjoyable vacation period and look forward to seeing eveyone again in 2024!


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