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ACGG at the German Plant Breeding Congress

Updated: Mar 28

A big contingent of ACGG PhD students, postdocs and PIs attended the German Plant Breeding conference in Geisenheim from March 19-21, with some also being selected for the two-day "Next-Generation Breeders" workshop for early-career researchers prior to the conference. Organised by ACGG principal investigator Kai Voss-Fels (Professor of Plant Breeding at Hochschule Geisenheim University), it was no coincidence that the theme chosen for this year's conference was "Accelerating Crop Genetic Gain", nor that the list of speakers and participants also included 6 colleagues from The University of Queensland.

Alongside an excellent scientific programme, the excellently-organised social programme included plenty of great opportunities for networking with breeding scientists and commercial plant breeders from all around Germany and the world. Special congratulations to ACGG PhD student Rica-Hanna Schlichtermann who won one a generous prize for her poster "Optimizing cross efficiency and seed multiplication in faba bean via insect pollination and retrospective genotyping". Thanks to Torsten Silz (HGU) for providing all the great photos, to Kai and his team at HGU for the fantastic organisation and to the many conference sponsors for enabling such an interesting and enjoyable scientific and social programme.


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