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First doctoral graduate from ACGG?

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

In May 2023, ACGG speaker Rod Snowdon had the honour of being awarded an Honorary Doctorate from JLU's partner university in Romania, Iasi University of Life Sciences – does this perhaps make him the first doctoral graduate from ACGG?

The partnership between IULS and JLU's agricultural faculty has been active for more than 30 years, with annual internships of Romanian agriculture students in FB09 institutes and frequent visits of JLU delegations to Iasi. Coordinator of the partnership in Iasi is a former JLU PhD student, Associate Prof. Dr. Florin Lipsa, who is now Vice-Dean for Scientific Research and International Relations at IULS. The partnership coordination at JLU was taken over in 2022 by Rod Snowdon, after almost 10 years of coordination by Matthias Frisch.

The award was presented in a ceremony at IULS. Matthias Frisch, who was partnership coordinator from 2013-2022, also participated, along with IRTG participant Iulian Gabur, who studied in Iasi before completing his PhD in Plant Breeding at JLU.

Since IULS is not a participant in ACGG this probably does not qualify as the first graduation from IRTG 2843, but perhaps we should adopt some of the colourful traditions from the ceremony for our future ACGG graduates?!

Photos: Iasi University of Life Science


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