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Genome-assisted speed-breeding in faba bean and rapid-turnaround marker-assisted selection

Rica-Hanna Schichtermann

ACGG Cohort 1, JLU

The aim of my PhD project is to accelerate the genetic gain in faba bean (Vicia faba L.) by influencing the breeder’s equation through a reduction in generation time. The reduced generation time will be achieved through the development of an effective speed breeding protocol for the greenhouse. Various growth parameters including temperature, photoperiod and plant density will be optimized for early flowering with a good seed fertility. Subsequently the methods of single-seed descent and single-pod descent will be applied. Further, the used population will be genotyped by using a SNP-chip. With those results marker-assisted backcrossing will be conducted to generate two genetically distant populations. Additionally, marker-assisted backcrossing will be performed for a specific gene, most likely the low vicine/convicine-gene, using KASP-marker. All these backcrossings are performed utilizing the newly established speed breeding protocol to generate results faster. This will lead to a further increase in the genetic gain of faba bean.

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