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Artificial intelligence as the basis for future plant breeding based on “Big Data”

Lennard Ehrig

Associated student, JLU

The project KI-Zucht aims to accelerate breeding progress leveraging complex genomic, phenomic and environmental data for the precise prediction of quantitative traits through the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the form of various machine learning algorithms. It utilizes a comprehensive dataset from hybrid rapeseed, which is collected in cooperation with the commercial breeding research partner NPZ Innovation GmbH. This allows it to implement and optimize AI-supported breeding processes throughout different stages of a practical breeding program. The scientific partner, Universität Leipzig, contributes computer science expertise to optimize and expend the range of AI-based prediction algorithms. In addition to enhancing breeding progress through data-driven improvement of genetic combination abilities and selection success, the project also strives to bridge the communication gap between sophisticated computer science and practical plant breeding.

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